Annual Congregational Meeting 2022

Annual Congregational Meeting 2022

This years Annual Congregational Meeting will be held on Sunday March 6, at 11:45am. All members and adherents of Westminster United Church are welcome to attend.

There are three options to attend, YouTube, Zoom, or In-Person. Please contact the office at 905-723-6442 to register. Registration is required to attend.

If you register for an online option, the link to join will be sent to you via email at 9:00am on March 6, the day of the meeting.

At the annual meeting, the congregation or pastoral charge is responsible for

  1. Electing a chair and a secretary of the annual meeting
  2. Receiving the annual reports from the governing body, committees, and other groups in the congregation or pastoral charge
  3. Electing the governing body, regional council representatives, and members of the committees
  4. Approving the 2021 Financial Report
  5. Considering and making a decision on the draft annual budget
  6. Accepting trustee resignation

Agenda for the Annual Congregational Meeting: Sunday March 6, 2022

Let us Gather:
1. Call to Order and Welcome: Shane Suepaul
2. Lighting the Christ Candle, Opening Prayer and Moment of Remembrance: Rev. Michelle Robinson
3. Motion re: voting privileges
4. Motion to nominate a Chairperson
5. Motion to nominate a Secretary
6. Motion to accept the agenda
7. Motion to accept Minutes of February 28, 2021 Annual Meeting

Our Ministry:
8. Minister’s Comments: Rev Michelle Robinson
9. Minister of Faith Formation Comments: Cathy Shaw
10. Minister of Music Comments: Margaret Motum
11. Council Chair Comments: Shane Suepaul
12. 2021 Financial Report and 2022 Budget: Monica Veenstra
13. Motion to accept the Financial report for 2021
14. Motion to accept the Budget for 2022

We offer Ourselves:
15. Motion to Accept 2021 Annual Report as published
16. Nominating Committee Report: Shane Suepaul
17. Motion to Accept the resignation of Trustees – Ron Motum
18. Outstanding, New or Other Business

As We Go into the World:
19. Motion to Adjourn
20. Closing Prayer: Rev Michelle Robinson

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