Ministries / Committees


The worship committee provides an opportunity to give back to the church community in a meaningful and exciting way, and offers the experience of becoming more social, reaching out to others, and making new friends. Let us help you find a special place for you to share your gifts and talents:

  • helping with ushering
  • serving communion
  • greeting
  • reading scripture or other parts of the liturgy during a service
  • being a host during coffee and fellowship time after the service


Are you imaginative? Do you have fresh ideas that would contribute to creating a warm, inviting, beautiful and meaningful environment at WUC? The Sanctuary Committee is looking for team members who want to invest some time and energy in making our Church a welcoming beacon in the community.

The Christian Education Committee

We are excited about the variety of faith development programs and opportunities being planned for the children, youth and adults. As a committee, we continue to oversee our vibrant Sunday programs for toddlers, kids and youth, as well as our ever-expanding library.

UCWUnited Church Women

Our purpose is:

“To unite the women of the congregation for the total mission of the church and to provide a medium through which we may express our loyalty and devotion to Jesus Christ in Christian witness, study, fellowship and service”

This is an interest and service group to which all women of the congregation can belong.


The Wellness Committee recognizes that our congregation can be a place of health and healing. We seek to support and educate the members of our congregation about the holistic concepts of health care:

  • the link between faith and health
  • health promotion and disease prevention
  • the integration of spirit, body and mind

Programs include:

  • Friendly Visitors – which reaches out to people through cards and personal visitation
  • taking part in the labyrinth experience

As well, members of the Wellness Committee are part of the Accessibility Committee and provide support and leadership as Westminster seeks to become more accessible in all ways. The Committee also responds to expressed needs; for example the provision of an A.E.D. for emergency situations; and helping people negotiate the healthcare system.

Prayer Team

The Prayer Chain is a group of dedicated people who take prayerful action for the needs of the congregation, our community and global needs. Our members are committed to praying for the needs of others. When a prayer request is received, it is immediately sent out to the prayer chain members. This network of people will intercede on behalf of others by lifting up in prayer any specific requests, concerns or emergency situations. Prayer requests are welcomed and encouraged and all requests are treated as confidential.

The Pantry Food Bank

The Westminster Food Bank assists those within our community who need non-perishable food products. We assist, in a non-judgmental manner, clients are permitted at our Food Bank once per month and for tracking purposes, all we ask is their name. On average per year we assist over 80 individuals or families and average over 27 visits per month. Our numbers are slowly increasing as more are seeking assistance.

Our Food Bank is open on Tuesdays from 10:00am – 12:00pm and we accept donations for the Food Bank on Wednesdays from 10:00am – 12:00pm.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

The prayer shawl ministry began in 2004 and within the first year we made 98 shawls. Since that time, over 800 shawls have been made. The shawls are given out to anyone in need of comfort and our prayers. They are also presented to all those receiving the Sacrament of Baptism.

Christmas Hampers

Every year our Christmas Hamper Program grows out of the needs of our community. In 2013, 75 families (260 individuals) received Food Hampers and Christmas gifts, lovingly and joyfully donated, packed and delivered by our congregation. How blessed we are to be able to offer this program and to help and serve others.

Living Alone Luncheon

The Living Alone Luncheon is an outreach program that provides a delicious and nutritious lunch for those in the community that live alone. Following the lunch there is a time to socialize and play cards or games.

The luncheon is at 12:00 noon on the first Wednesday of each month from September to June. The cost is $6.00. In the month of December a full Christmas dinner is provided for a cost of $10.00.

Call the Westminster United Church office to get on the list to be called each month for this great lunch and time of connecting with others.

We will need your name and number:
📞 905-723-6442

Durham Outlook for the Needy

Durham Outlook for the Needy serves a low-cost, hot nutritious meal in a dignified manner to an average of 150 people in need daily, seven days a week. Westminster’s team of over 20 volunteers help serve the meals and clean up the eating, cooking and preparation areas after the patrons leave.

Westminster United & Faith United are at DOFN on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 3:30pm – 6:30pm to serve and clean up that day’s 3-course meal. Presently, the team averages 8-10 volunteers from a list of 20 possible names. We would be happy to welcome you to the team. Our regular team members can be away on vacation-other obligations. Let Paul know if you can help out with the serving/cleanup for this 3-course meal. You will end up meeting some terrific fellow volunteers and see firsthand the desperate need.

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship committee meets monthly and has the responsibility of
the planning and management of Westminster United Church’s resources of time, talent and treasures. The Stewardship committee also oversees the financial activities of Westminster through a financial sub-committee. New members and/or your ideas or suggestions are most welcome

Property Committee

The Property Committee is charged with ensuring that Church property is maintained, and is safe and secure.
Key responsibilities include:

  • maintaining the insurance policy on the property
  • maintaining the Fire Safety Plan
  • managing contracted work
  • overseeing the work of the church’s custodian
  • organizing volunteers to help maintain the church – cleaning, painting, gardening, repairs

The Property Committee organizes the time and talents donated by members of the congregation to keep our house in good order, in coordination with the church custodian. The jobs are similar to maintaining your own house, except scaled up a bit. Examples include: painting rooms, repairing cupboards, installing storage shelves, custom woodworking, maintaining the flower gardens, exterior clean-up in the spring and fall, and assisting the custodian with larger jobs. Since 2014, Westminster volunteers (the Weed Whackers) took on the responsibility of cutting the lawns. The committee also organizes a group of Volunteer Custodians who clean the church after Sunday service.
For Church Council purposes, the Chairman Group and the Tech Booth report to the Property Committee. The former handles the set-up of tables and chairs for both church and rental purposes. The Tech Booth provides AV support for our Sunday services.
The Committee meets about six times a year to determine and coordinate what work needs to be done. All are welcome to sit in on these meetings or join the committee.


What do Trustees do?
The Board of Trustees holds property for the use and benefit of the congregation as part of The United Church of Canada for such religious, charitable, educational, congregational, or social purposes as the congregation may direct, as for the support and maintenance of public worship and the propagation of Christian knowledge, according to the policies of the United Church.
…which means that the Board of Trustees helps to ensure the integrity of Westminster United Church by supporting the activities of the church Council in areas such as property insurance, fire safety plan, asset management, etc.

The Board of Trustees is also responsible for managing any investments given to Westminster United Church.

The Trustees meet three to four times per year to address issues within its mandate.

The Board of Trustees is represented on the Board of Management.


The goal of our committee is to facilitate, promote and improve communication at Westminster United Church.

We are responsible for the monthly newsletter – The Westminster World, for the Program Directory – Welcome to Westminster United Church and also for subscriptions to The United Church Observer. We also publish a fridge flyer, entitled Upcoming Events which is published twice a year and lists all the activities going on at the church.

In addition to these important aspects of communication, we also maintain the bulletin boards in the hallway and oversee postings to the electronic sign. At our monthly meetings, we discuss ways to enhance communication in our expanding congregation.

We are now collaborating with the Worship Committee on a new initiative.  Each month, one of the committees on Council is responsible for greeting and candle-lighting.  It is our job to highlight that committee and explain their mandate in the newsletter and in the Sunday bulletin.

Westminster’s social media communication (website and Facebook) is maintained by the office.

Tech Committee

There are currently 4 or 5 teams of two working ‘behind the scenes’ to run the microphones and the video screen during Sunday worship services. With an interest in computer technology and sound engineering, they have been fully trained to operate the system in the tech booth.

Climate Disruption Mitigation Committee (CDMC)

Westminster seeks to align itself with the commitment which the United Church of Canada made to The Paris Agreement of 2016. This requires reducing our carbon emissions by 80% by 2050.

Westminster’s policy, approved in 2020, requires all decisions and subsequent actions taken by staff, committees and interest groups to be considered through the lens of climate disruption mitigation.

The committee’s mission is to engage the congregation, both individually and collectively, in the mitigation of climate disruption and to facilitate other faith groups to do the same.

It is also to act as a resource to Council, committees and interest groups as they develop and implement annual goal plans that will focus their activities.

All who are concerned about this global issue are welcome to join the committee.

Parish Mosaic

Westminster United Church voted to be an Affirming congregation in March 2016. The Parish Mosaic focuses on various upcoming events and promotions here at Westminster and within the wider community.